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Playing this was like revisiting LSDDE and Yume Nikki but in a completely new way. I really loved the ambiance and the scenaries, plus the music was just perfect! Somewhat sad that this stayed only in demo form, cause I think it really had potential, but regardless, it was a lovely experience!


Awesome game! Is there any way to find the soundtrack? Because it's really good ^^

Thank you so much! I have the soundtrack on bandcamp. There's a few songs missing from the soundtrack but I'm planning on doing a volume II at some point.


yo! is it possible for you to upload them on spotify?


like lsd dream emulator!

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Really cool start you've got here! I found that the turn rate was quite high and so an option to change this may make for a good addition. Otherwise I quite enjoyed the abstract vibe the game gave off, here's my playthrough of it - 

Edit; just saw you mention that the turn rate is linked to the FPS and so maybe locking the FPS to 30 may be a possible fix.:D

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Ya the camera rotation was causing a lot of people problems that I fixed in a new update, so that way if vsync is off you can still play without nausea lol

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Seeing all the realistic textures in this game's environments gave everything a nostalgic sorta feeling, which made it feel especially lonely (and creepy at times) because there's no one around. Really cool to see a game touch so much on this sense of nostalgia.

Glad it resonated with you! Ya the texturing was def inspired by a lot of  games I played as a kid. I remember even back then thinking they looked bizarre and a little creepy.


I really enjoyed this! Was good fun, really reminded me of LSD:DE too! The turning was slightly touchy but otherwise an excellent game, I hope you add more content!

Thank you! Ya I think this game works better with more content, so it was maybe a bit overambitious for my first game ever lol. 

The turning is tetheted to framerate, which I unfortunately didn't realize in a timely manner to deal with. If you turn on vsync though the turning is much more cooperative!